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YouTube Rewind 2014

YouTube Rewind 2014 (YouTube)

The Reel

2015 Reel (Portal A)

YouTube Rewind 2013

YouTube Rewind 2013 (YouTube)

White Collar Brawler

White Collar Brawler (Esquire Network)

3 Days to Kill

Three Days to Kill (Relativity Media)

YouTube Rewind 2012

YouTube Rewind 2012 (YouTube)

The Singles Project

The Singles Project (NBC Universal)

Brick Mansions

Brick Mansions (Relativity Media)

The Nice Package

NSFW Nice Package (Benefit Cosmetics)

Naruto, The Movie

Naruto, The Movie (YouTube)

YouTube Karaoke Night

YouTube Karaoke Night (YouTube)

Behind the Scenes (YouTube)

The MyBook

The MyBook (sf.citi)

Ed Lee is 2 Legit

Too Legit To Quit (Mayor Ed Lee)

Earth to Echo

Earth to Echo Ride (Relativity Media)


Safety By Design (Uber)

This Is How You Webinar

This Is How You Webinar (ON24)

Fashion at 35k Feet

Fashion at 35,000 Feet (Banana Republic)

Nice Little Wednesday

Nice Little Wednesday (Jawbone)

Meet Mat

A Yoga Love Story (Kimpton Hotels)

Who Does That?

Wait, Who Does That? (Kimpton Hotels)

The Roominatorâ„¢

The Roominatorâ„¢ (BlueJeans Network)

The Best Internet You've Ever Had

The Best Internet You've Ever Had (Airtime)

The Most Epic Montage Ever Montaged

The Most Epic Montage (YouTube)

Android One Launch

Android One Launch (Google)

The Cavemen (NextGen Climate Action)

The Cavemen (NextGen Climate Action)

Don't Stop Believing

World Series Anthems (San Francisco Giants)

Give Peace a Dance

#GivePeaceADance (Ploughshares Fund)

Ad Hoc Videos

Ad Hoc Videos (Portal A)

Takei's Take

Takei's Take (AARP)

Here's to Creativity

Here's To Creativity (Wonder Workshop)

The Patient Safety Act

Proposition 46 (The Patient Safety Act)

Creator Preview

Creator Communications (YouTube)

Artist Trailers

Artist Trailers (YouTube)

Yodel Against Yuck

Yodel Against Yuck (Zabada Clean)

The Beauty Bust

The Benefit Beauty Bust (Benefit Cosmetics)

Never Wear the Wrong Foundation

Never Again (Sephora)

Cellulite Confessions

Cellulite Confessions (Vichy L'Oreal)

A Smarter San Francisco

Imagine a Smarter San Francisco (sf.citi)

California Supports Big Tobacco

California Supports Big Tobacco (Livestrong)

Windows Films

Developing for Windows 8 (Microsoft)

Pee In a Cup

Let's Pee In a Cup (Consumer Watchdog)

The Supermarket Musical

The Supermarket Musical (Mobeam)

I'm an Oakland School Kid

I'm an Oakland School Kid (Oakland Schools)

Behind the Launch

Behind the Launch (Microsoft)

A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life (Mashable)

Protecting the Road (UCMCS)

YouTube Rewind 2011

The Year in Rewind (YouTube)

The Keystone Knockout

The Keystone Knockout (NextGen Action)

Tequila Academy

The Tequila Academy (Tres Agaves Tequila)

The Fisher Difference

The Fisher Difference (Fisher Investments)

A Billionaire's Guide to California

Billionaire's Guide to California (No on 32)

The California Circus

The California Freak Show (Yes on 39)

YouTube EDU

Are You a Brainiac? (Google)

Benefit Rockateur

New Product Launches (Benefit Cosmetics)

A Wall Street Musical

Bankers vs. Consultants (Hyperion Books)

Big Chimpin

Yes, Big Chimpin' (Bonobos)

Deadliest Catch

Deadliest Catch: Go Further